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Valeri McLaughlin

Helping you to connect to your Heart center so you can connect greater to Spirit living a life full of love, joy, and happiness while feeling guided and supported.


  • Intuitive Heart Healing

    • Love Language Healing

    • Channeled Energy Healing

    • Quantum Feild Healing

  • Quantum Healing Method

  • Spiritual Courses

  • EnergyArtist

About Valeri

Valeri's journey began at a young age not knowing or understanding the things that she saw, felt, and knew.  Valeri had so much fear around this that she pushed any help from people wanting to help her understand what she was going through, away.    Fighting the calling to connect to spirit I endure many physical, emotional, and health challenges.

I got a breaking point and Spirit kept coming through to get me to wake up.  Once I started to understand energy my whole life shifted.  I realized that I was in control of what I let into my space.

I integrated all that I have learned and continues to learn into my practice and my life.  I help people to connect and understand their own energy.  I hold space to allow the healing to come through and empower you to be your own powerful healer.

  I teach you to work with energy and connect to your higher-self and bring the higher-self down into them because you are both human and divine.

Valeri has integrated her gifts of energy healing, teaching, EnergyArt, and guidance from Angels and Ancestors to help bring balance to your body, mind, and soul by connecting to your heart and divine love.

I am a healer, spiritual guide, channel, teacher, and energyartist. You will find my artwork in the BehDesign shop and Rainbow Heart Healing Shop.

I am proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ and donation a portion of the pride shop to organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community.

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About Cindy

I'm Cindy Hernandez, licensed massage therapist and rapid resolution hypnotherapist.

Rapid resolution hypnotherapy can help you experience clarity and freedom. Whether you're dealing with emotional triggers or physical exhaustion, Cindy is here to help. You can achieve rapid results and feel empowered in any situation. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a life of clarity and freedom. Cindy can help you take the leap to lasting transformation.

You can contact Cindy at

Contact Me

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Valeri currently resides in the United States however all her services are provided online in Zoom.  No matter where you in the Universe Valeri is here to hold space full of LOVE for you in your healing journey.

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