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Valeri McLaughlin

Helping you to connect to your Heart center so you can connect greater to Spirit living a life full of love, joy, and happiness while feeling guided and supported.


  • Quantum Heart Energy Method

  • Quantum Healing

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Spiritual Courses

  • Intuitive Heart and Soul Healing

  • EnergyArtist

  • A higher-self journey and healing to help you feel and be the best you

    2 hr

    299 US dollars

What is a Quantum Healing session?

Click the video below to find out.

Hear what people are saying about their Quantum Healing session.

This was one of the most powerful healings I have ever had.  The process is absolutely amazing and it helped me immediately.  I was able to release guilt I didn’t even know I was holding  onto.  I receive a DNA upgrade and communicate clearly with one of my guides.  Valeri is an amazing facilitator and channel of divine love.    I can’t wait to have my next session.  Thank you so much.  -Ann

My Quantum Healing Session was a remarkable experience! Once I was in my relaxed state, I went on a journey with Spirit Animals, which helped remind me to have more fun and let loose more in life. I also connected with several planets, and received beautiful messages from each one that resonated deeply. Val is a wonderful guide, and I loved how she incorporated the Lovelight Language into this session. - Ursula

Introducing Monthly Spiritual Circles
A collective awaken!
A 2 hour spiritual circle provides you with the space to connect to spirit, feel your energy body, strengthen your senses, and develop your confidence. This is a great way to come together as a collective and create a space to learn, grow, and connect as one. Holding the energy of the space together amplifies the energy and increases the love and light. Allowing for the wisdom and knowledge to come through as we overcome our fears. This group is for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection to spirit, feel and learn their energy body, who is interested in mediumship, and channeling. This is a monthly group to help support you in your spiritual growth. Memberships are available and drop in our welcome. If you are new to energy and connecting to spirit I recommend you start with the Sacred Energy course. It will help get you some basics such as clearing and protecting your energy, a daily practice, and begin to feel energy. The Spiritual Circle meets once a month on Thursday from 8pm est. to 10pm est.
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Sacred Energy

Just because you are an empath doesn’t mean that you have to walk around feeling and absorbing energy all the time. You can commit to a daily practice to help you. It starts with you starting to understand your own energy.

I have spent the last few years working to understand my energy and how energy works. Through my experience and my energy healing practice I have developed tools and techniques that have helped me. In Sacred Energy I share this knowledge with all of you.

Sacred Energy is a month long self study course with support from myself and the community.  Learn how to protect your energy, embody your energy, and know your energy.

Register Here today and get start on your journey for just$88.00.  

About Valeri

Valeri's journey began at a young age not knowing or understanding the things that she saw, felt, and knew.  Valeri had so much fear around this that she pushed any help from people wanting to help her understand what she was going through, away.    Fighting the calling to connect to spirit Valeri endure many physical, emotional, and health challenges.

Until it went to the breaking point and Spirit kept coming through to get her to wake up.  Once Valeri started to understand energy her whole life shifted.  She realized that she was in control of what she let into her space.

Valeri has integrated all that she has learned and continues to learn into her Quantum Energy Method.  Helping people to connect and understand their own energy.  Learning to work with energy and connect to their higher-self and bring the higher-self down into them.  

Valeri has integrated her gifts of energy healing, teaching, EnergyArt, and guidance from Angels and Ancestors to help bring balance to your body, mind, and soul by connecting to your heart and divine love.

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