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Sacred Energy

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Most of us will get into a car and put our seatbelt on. Why? Because it is conformable, or because we have to, maybe a little of both, but mostly for protection. We will wear shoes, put on a helmet, apply sunscreen, and much more to protect our physical bodies. But what are you doing to protect your emotional and energetic body? Do you know how important it is to protect your emotional and energetic body? Do you know your emotional and energetic body? No? Not sure? Sacred Energy is just what you are looking for to help you better understand energy. It is packed full of knowledge to help you get in touch with your emotional body, energetic body, physical body, and mental body to learn ways to setup energic boundaries. You will learn: How to get to know your energetic body? The importance of checking in. To keep other energy out of your energy. The power of your words. To clear, shield, and protect your energy. Do you want to feel better, be less drained, and less fatigued? Do you want to feel more like yourself? Do you want to understand when you feel other people's energy? Yes. Then Sacred Energy is for you.

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