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Attuning you to the heart healer powers within to heal yourself and others.

The Heart Healship is a 7 month program with live online groups, videos, and lots of support from the group and myself.


As a member of the Heart Healership program you will learn the following:

  1. To attune to your energetic body.

  2. Connect deeper to your heart space.

  3. Learn to channel energy instead of using your own energy, so you don't feel drained.

  4. Attune more to your spiritual senses.

  5. Learn to work with energy so you can help heal yoursefl and others.

Waiting List Now Open 

Do you want to be the first in line?

Put your name on the list to receive the information for the new soon to be released Heart Healership Program.

Thanks You. More information to follow soon.

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