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All You Need is Love!!!

Episode 5 of the Intuitive Heart Healer podcast.

I had another podcast plan for this week, but I decided that spreading love and talking about love was more important at this moment.

Love is the most healing energy there is out there. Source energy, God, the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in is all love. The true embodiment of love and oneness. There is no separation, no judgment, no fear, no attachments, just love in all of its forms.

Love takes on many forms like peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, celebration, and much more. Through these forms, we connect to the pure divine love that is out there.

We all come from this pure divine love, and we all go back to this pure divine love. Through our human experience, we began to forget about what that divine love really is until we start to remember it and look to realign ourselves with it.

In our human experience, we learn separation. We are shown love that has expectations, attachments, and guilt attached to it. We are taught love hurts. We are taught to fear love. We are taught that love breaks our hearts.

That is not true.

We are never not broken. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and feel all our feelings we will begin to realize that this will allow the biggest transformation to happen. It will allow us to bring more love and light into the world.

We need to stop resisting love. Once we do we can allow it to come through and spread throughout the world.

Spreading Love,

Listen to this week's podcast with the link below or on Spotify and ITunes

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