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How can we heal even greater?

Collective healing starts with awareness

Healing starts with going within ourselves, but we can step up and heal the collective even greater. I feel that sometimes the spiritual community puts their heads in the sand like an ostrich. They stay focused on the higher vibration and create their own little bubble not paying attention to what is going on in their family, community, city, state, country, and collective. In my opinion it is hurting the growth of our collective and is not helping to raise the collective vibration. It is almost like we are leaving people behind because we don’t want to deal with their vibration anymore now that we have raised our vibrations. That doesn’t sit well with me. It doesn’t align with my integrity. It feels like the light is trying to shine its light over the dark instead of embracing the dark and integrating the darkness into the light. Allowing the darkness into the light and bringing light to it not covering it with light raises our vibration even higher.

The darkness allows us to heal. It brings about big changes and helps us to see the light even more. Light and dark is in every one of us. We are not separate from it just like we are not separate from the collective.

I get as a sensitive empath not wanting to watch the news because it takes a toll on me but not being aware of what is going on in the collective in a detriment to our collective and self-healing. This may sound harsh and if it does, I want you to take some time and to go inward and figure out why that is. I believe the healing starts with you. I will always believe that healing self helps heal the collective, but we can help heal greater when we become aware of what is going on in the collective. That means listening to people and communities. We all come from our own perspective and have things to add to the collective. We may not always agree but we should listen because you can learn a lot and it will help you to understand and be more compassionate to yourself and others.

We are stronger together. We can heal together. As we heal together you will also heal yourself. By doing so you will help raise the collective vibration. But if you are ignoring the World around you then you are missing a greater opportunity.

Tomorrow’s podcast I will go a little more in depth in this conversation so please go listen with an open heart and take what feels right to you. Also take the opportunity to go within to understand and heal.

Spreading Love,



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