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Hidden Realm

You have all the answers inside of you. The guidance and the answers are within you. The connection to everything is within you.

You also have everything you held on to within you. Grief, judgement, stories, and traumas are within you. Things you may have hidden so deep you don't even realize.

For you to grow and evolve you are to face these hidden realms with in you. To surrender to them and accept them as part of you but not as what defines you. You own your story, and you are strong enough to face whatever comes up and out.

In the podcast Releasing Hidden Realms I channel a message for you to help you understand and see what you can accomplish by facing your hidden realms. Click here to listen.

Here is a Love Language transmission with Love Language EnergyArt to help you release what you have been holding on to. Go back as much as you want and at different times to help you release more and more. Take time to drink water and journal what is coming up for you so that you can learn and move forward one step at a time.

Spreading Love,


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