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Human and Divine

Humans who are also divine beings.  We are one in our greatness.  We are loved.

I am human and I am divine just like you. I hold on tight to my humanness because I have come to Earth with a purpose to share the beauty of the divine in my own expression. I have at times held back that express because I didn’t want to “Rock the boat.” I have hidden parts of me from myself and from all of you. Or I have tried to be one thing while ignoring the other part of me feeling lost at times.

I feel like that is part of the human experiences, understanding and figuring out ourselves. We have a lot of outside influence that deters us from that full expression.

When I began to tap into my divineness, I lost a part of my humanness. When I was fully connected to the spiritual realm, I lost touch with my human. It wasn’t intentional. I believe it was just part of the process. Which I believe was to remind me that we are both human and divine and that when we allow them to integrate, we come back to oneness within ourselves. We come back to ourselves and all parts of who we are.

Life is a journey in balancing the divine and human within. Finding peace and knowing when to step into one or the other. Like bring your human concerns, conflicts, pains, and awareness to the divine to receive guidance, knowledge, and understanding. They work together as one and both are just as important. The information from the divine is meant to be brought down to your human and into your human experiences.

As humans we are to learn, grow, and evolve as individuals and as a collective. The divine is here to help us and to remind us that we all are aspects of love and we all are connected to one divine source of love. If we can bring that love down into our humans, imagine what we can accomplish on Earth. Imaging all the hate and injustice we can overcome. Imagine how more beautiful Mother Earth would be and the peace that we can find.

Go find your peace and spread love out to this World. Through love we can overcome.

Spreading Love,



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