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Jesus Walk This Earth with Love

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


n journaling today, I was reminded to connect with the love that is within. Jesus walked this Earth to spread love. He connected with people that others had discarded or pushed aside. His message was to spread love and to show humans that we are both human and divine. We are the bridge between heaven and Earth through our love.

Jesus loved and accepted everyone including the people that did not love and accept him. Those people that ended up killing him by nailing him to the cross and spreading hate not love. He knew the importance of his message. I believe his message was to spread love. To teach us and show us that love is inside us. Our spirit is inside of us and nothing including death can kill our spirit. There is nothing to fear when your heart is filled with love. That when people are attacking us and trying to erase us, love will see us through. Love will guide us and staying true to our soul and love along with our integrity is important to our evolution as humans and change in this World. It is what will bring us closer to the divine beings we are and stop the spread of hate.

No one can dim your light except you.

Remember Jesus walked this Earth to spread love to all. To help us improve our lives and to give us tools of prayer, healing, and meditation to help us evolve. Use those gifts that were given to you to help heal and open your heart to more love.

Show yourself love so you can shine your love onto others and help us all grow.

Sending love to all of you, Valeri

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