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Love always wins

I was telling a friend that I am going to World Pride in NYC on Sunday. She said, “Doesn’t that make you nervous. Or any time you are around that many people” I said you know there is a chance that something could happen. Their have been incidents around pride events this year. Honestly I don’t think about what could happen. I go to celebrate me and have fun.

Sometimes you do run into protesters who don’t like you for being you. In Philly this year there I came across a group of people calling us sinners and holding signs saying gays are going to hell. Surrounding them were a group of people from the LGBTQ+ community calmly saying God loves everyone. They were saying it back with love and not hate. That is how we make a difference in the world coming from a place of love. Sometimes those words are spoken with hate and that is not helping anyone.

In the end I can’t let fear stop me from being me, from living the life that makes me happy and living my truth. If I choose fear over love I would be spending my days in my house hiding. Afraid that if I go out that I may get hurt or killed. Not because I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community but because I am a human and things can happen any time or any where. Including just being in your own home. I don’t worry about those things. I focus on what I want, my joy, happiness and love. Every day you push through fears and some days your fears get the best of you.

Not today fear, LOVE always wins.

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