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Never Give Up

In this week's podcast I had the privilege and honor of having a conversation with Jean. Jean has been a client and a friend of mine for the last few years, and I wanted her to share her story because her story is really about never giving up.

When I first met Jean, she was in a very dark place deep in her shadows. Over the last few years, she has really focused on herself and the healing journey to allow the light to begin to shine brighter and brighter through her.

She has had many teachers along the way along with challenges to work through. But throughout her journey she has continued to look for the community and for people that will believe in her so that she can start believing in herself.

At a young age Jean has experienced many nonphysical senses that helped her throughout her journey but also had situations that caused her to doubt her ability. Even though she thought that her gifts have been long gone she can now reflect back and see how they never really disappeared, and they have begun to get stronger and stronger as she heals and let's go. Jean's future is bright. And I look forward to seeing where she goes on her journey and hoping that she gets back to roots of helping animals and whatever she decides to do.

This episode is a little bit long, but I hope you give it a chance and give yourself time to listen because if you think that you are in a dark place that you cannot get out of Jean is here to show you and let you know that you can do it just by following her journey.

Spreading Love,



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