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Tools To Communicate With Your Pain

When you are in the pain and suffering you don’t always see the benefit of the journey. At times you can get stuck in the victim mode.

Why is this happening to me?

Why am I in so much pain?

I thought I was doing the right things?

You may feel anger, mad, and frustrated which is totally natural. However, don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself permission to experience these feelings. This will allow you to let it go.

In this week's podcast I go over some tools to help you with the process of communicating with your pain. Such as:

  • Journaling and/or talking about what happened while listening at the same time.

  • Mediating on the pain, on a question about the pain, and/or to clear your mind.

  • Surrender to a higher power and ask for help.

  • Be in gratitude and appreciation for the pain and what it is communicating to you.

Remember you are not alone. You can ask spirit for help or a human, sometimes you will need both. You got this. The journey my suck and hurt but it is all part of your evolution.

Listen to the Intuitive Heart podcast Tools To Communicate With Pain episode 47 with the link below or on your favorite podcast app.

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