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What Do You...

What Do You Know

What Do You Feel

What Do You See

What Do You Hear

These are the names of the EnergyArt used in this healing mediation. The is to help you connect to and open your third eye. The meditation is meant for you to look at the EnergyArt as you listen to the healing music of the flute. If you find your eyes closing, go with it. Allow it to be what it is. There is no wrong or right way to experience this. Everything that happened is for your highest good.

When you are done journal about your journey. How did you feel? What do you see? What did you hear? What do you know about your journey?

Asking these questions afterwards will allow you to gain more insight to what you experienced. When you enter into mediation it is to receive. Sometimes you don't always recall the information that you have received. Sending time afterwards to journal will allow to gain even more from your mediation Using all of your physical and nonphysical senses will help. Asking the above questions will help you to connect to your sense and strengthen them.

Found a quiet spot to sit and gaze at the Energyart while you enjoy your mediations. Take a few deep breaths and open your heart before you start.

Spreading Love,



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