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You Can Change Your Energy Like Colors Change Their's

Colors are energy, just like you are energy. Changing one color in a piece of art, clothing, or decoration can shift the whole energy of the piece, person, or room. Imagine if you could shift one part of your energy and how that could impact you. If you can forgive to release guilt, you would shift your energy and change the way you feel, and beings around you would notice the shift and change.

Take a look at the four pieces of EnergyArt below. Notice the shift and changes as the color changes in some areas. Take some time with each one, maybe even journal how you feel before moving on to the next one. The energy of the pieces changes and shifts just by moving and changing the colors.

You can do that with your energy. In fact, you do it all day long and may not even realize it. You can intentionally do it as well just by changing the color of your shirt, wearing a different bracelet, moving to a different spot to work, listening to music, or changing how you speak to yourself. You can choose the energy you want to be in and choose to heal to release an energy you no longer want to hold on to. Below are some ways to being to heal and shift your energy.

♡Forgiveness work

♡Clearing and Protecting Your Energy

♡Cord cutting

♡Energy healing



♡Letting go of past.

♡Trusting Your Path

♡Shifting Your Mindset

♡Being present and aware

Above are just a few ways to start making small changes to make a big difference in your life.

Spreading Love,



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