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Your Darkness is a Foundation for Growth / Ep6

In this podcast, we are going deep into our shadows to embrace the darkness and shine light 💡 onto it.

Our darkness is here to help us expand and grow. The darkness gives us wisdom and knowledge. It teaches us great lessons that we can use to help us move forward and to teach to others.

When we do this it allows us to bring light to our darkness and brings us more peace, love, and happiness.

The shadow work is not her to hurt or punish us, actually, that is the shadow talking. It is here to enlighten us. To help us ascend. To help us be better humans. To help us heal ourselves and others.

I challenge you to go into your shadows and learn the great lesson. To learn more check out this week's podcast to learn more about shadow work and embracing your darkness.

Click the link below to listen or listen in iTunes or Spotify

Spreading Love ❤,


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