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A time to reflect

I hope you all have taken the time to reflect on this past year? Or maybe now you will.

Maybe you've pulled out your journal or vision board to see if your goals manifested. Or you have just taken time in meditation or journaling to reflect and do a year's review.

I know I have. Last year at this time I was sick but I understood why it was happening for me. I didn't realize at the time that it would take months to recover. My body was letting go of toxins from things I had been holding on to from the past and it needed to be released physically. I was excited for 2019 because I knew big things were happening I was going to be tying up loose ends from my past.

January started out rough. I lost my grandma, my strongest soul connection. I had some personal financial issues that I was dealing with, which brought up deeper healing and release. I questioned my path and thought about going back into the food and beverage world. All that did was make me stronger and showed me the power of love, the support of my family and friends, and deepened my spiritual connection.

In April, things began to shift for me. I had a deeper focus. I started the Heart Healer membership. I began to receive more clients to help hold space and help heal. I also had a few more lessons to learn that would strengthen my relationships.

In June, I took the time to celebrate me and pride. It was like a vacation with myself that just spilled over into the summer. As I let go and had fun, the lovelight langue began to channel through more frequently. I had to begin to tell people about it because I didn't know when it would come through. It was a little scary because I wasn't comfortable with it, and I wasn't sure about the response.

September came and so did my headaches. In the last few years, this time of year has always been challenging, because I would get headaches, fatigue, and getting sick but this year I knew I had broken most of those patterns. I had learned from my past, recognized when I needed to slow down, and I received a reading that helped me heal. September also brought back a lot of grief when I lost my Aunt and Uncle to an overdose. I was just beginning to realize I had not let myself fully grieve my Uncle Steven, so when this happened, it brought up a lot from my past loses. However, because of these things I was stronger, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I took the time to be in the feelings so I would not keep carrying them with me.

In November, I received the greatest news, that I had healed my aneurysm in my head. It reminded me of how powerful we are as healers and that the body can heal itself. I began to notice that my healings have shifted, more guidance began to come through, and my meditation began to shift, becoming more visual, just like in my dream state. I was also given guidance about holding a Lovelight Langue Healing circle and introducing it to a group of people I trusted. This was a big step for me and a huge release and gave me the confidence to bring these healings to you in 2020.

I also had an art show in an art gallery. Along with launching EnergyArt clothing and mugs. Which I am so proud of.

I had a great Holiday season even though I was missing love ones. I was really present and in the moment. I stayed within myself. It was busy but it wasn't stressful. I enjoy old traditions and making new ones. I spent time with friends and family. It was absolutely the best.

So as 2019 comes to a close I am happy to reflect on this amazing year. I am so grateful for everything that has happened for me. I am grateful for all the lessons and growth. I am grateful for all the love around me and that runs through me. I am grateful for the person I have grown into and all my spiritual growth.

2019 was a personal year #2 for me which was a year of spiritual growth and partnerships in a year that vibrated at #3 which was a year of intuition, ascension, and creativity. I would say I hit the

I am looking forward to the next vibration and all the things I am looking to create in 2020. Thank you 2019 for a great year.

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