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Create From Within Light Language Transmission

This is a channeled love light language EnergyArt with a love light language healing and message about you as the creator. They want you to know that you create your World from within you. You have the power to create your desires and to create the path you wish to walk. Listen to the message because the love light language will bring you healing and help open your creative channels. Go back to the transmission and the EnergyArt as much as you like. Each time you will receive healing and information.

You are the creation of life. Things are created from you not around you, from within you. You create that flower of life, the tree of life is within you, within all things, and you create. You are the creator. You create the world around you. You create that from within, within all things, and you create the world around you. You create that from within and when you align yourself in the positivity, the highest vibration, you allow yourself to create the unimaginable. Reprogram that mind, reprogram your subconscious, to have a higher vibration so that you can create from that vibration.

Spreading Love,


Listen with an open heart.

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