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Expand Love Light Language Activation

This is a light language activation to help expand love. This is a message from light beings expressing their help to us to help us expand and grow love.

The activation is a high-vibrational activation is to help the collective consciousness to expand love by expand the beacon of love and light within you. You are filled with love and as you walk through this World you spread love to all. In doing so you expand love within you.

Love is what will change the World. It will have the biggest impact in the shifts that we are meant to have here on Earth. This activation will spread love faster to everyone you touch along your journey.

Look at the EnergyArt with light language written on it because it will help amplify the high vibrational activation message that the light beings sent to all of us. Receive what you are able at this moment. As always listen with an open heart

Then go out with love in your heart and share it with everyone you meet.

Spreading Love,



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