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Accepting What Is. Is choosing LOVE!

I’ve talked about my belief that there is no good or bad, right or wrong, that is just is. I was recently asked how I accept what is especially when it comes to incidents that happen to children.

After reflecting on the question, my response is as follows.

Love has no judgments, attachment, or expectations. Love holds no fear or guilt. For us to ascend and become more enlightened, we need to release judgment.

You are here to have a human experience. You are here to evolve and learn. Some of us teach us through our actions. You are not here to punish yourself or them. You are here to learn to accept divine love, and these lessons along the way help you to remember love.

If a person bullies someone for the way they dress, it doesn’t mean that that person is bad. The actions may be labeled bad, but they may also be for your highest good. I ask you to look at the action from all different perspectives.

🌟What do you see?

🌟What is it teaching you?

🌟How can you take those teachings and help others and yourself to grow?

🌟How can you turn this into love?

The person doing the bullying is where they are at, at this moment. They may have come here to help educate you on bullying. Show you another side, so you understand where they came from so you can help stop bullying. They may be here to teach you how to forgive and let go. Or maybe they trigger something within you that you need to heal.

It is not about forgetting or hiding what happened. It is about accepting it for what it is, a situation that happened, and that is here to help you and others to expand. It is about learning and growing. You have a choice to stay in the suffering or to choose to let love in.

My choice is to let more love into my heart and to live from my heart. To bring more love into the world and less hate, anger, and sadness. That may take time to do because healing may need to happen. I listen, learn, and love as I reflect on things so I can fully open my heart. I make adjustments along the way to allow love to shine through. I focus every day on doing everything from my heart with love. I ask you to do the same.

To hear more about this listen to Intuitive Heart Healer podcast episode 8 Can You Accept What Is? Available at or on Spotify or iTunes.

Spreading Love 🧡💛💚💙💜,


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