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Be In Love

Love is many things. The essence of love is all around you. If is a feeling. It is a being. It is an expression. There are not always words associate with all the love that you feel and give. That's ok because when you allow yourself to be in Love everyone can feel it. Allow yourself to be in love. Feel the pure Divine love and the pure human love. Today I channeled a Lovelight Language message for all of you.

The 1st link is in Lovelight Language and the 2nd link is a translation of the message. If you have listened to the Intuitive Heart Healing Podcast Speaking the Language of Love with Light Language or Lovelight Language Is Meant To Be Shared, you know that there is not always a full translation of Lovelight language. It is a higher vibration language that your being knows and feels. It helps bring healing and remembrance to you on all levels. Listen with an open heart and allow yourself to receive the message of Love from these beautiful beings.

Spreading Love,

Valeri McLaughlin


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