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What Is Your Body Telling You?

On Tuesday I started to feel my back acting up. I was trying to be conscious of what it was telling me but I was so caught up in my day and the beauty of it I didn’t give it enough focus. So when I dropped my water bottle and almost couldn’t get back up I started to listen to my back. It was screaming. My question to my back was,”Why are you showing up now?” The first thing that popped in my head are you surprised that this is happening today. The day I decided I was going to put my eight week workshop Raise Your Vibration and Open Your Intuition. No I was not surprised.

This was a big step for me. I am going to teach about spiritual development as part of this workshop. Yes me who for so long wanted nothing to do with that. Me who at a very young age turned away from her spiritual gifts and said no you are not a part of me. Me the person who decided it was best to become part of the wall so no one could see me. If they can’t see me then they can’t see me gifts. I can hide them. Me who try so hard to keep my vibration low so my intuition wouldn’t open and my spiritual gifts wouldn’t shine. Now I am launching a workshop where I am going to teach people the very thing I wanted nothing to do with. So NO I was not surprised my body manifested this back injury.

What is my back telling? My back is telling me I need to heal myself younger self. I need to forgive myself for turning my back on my spiritual gifts. I have to work through my emotions and not try to hide them away. It is not telling me to stop moving forward. It is telling me that I am headed in the right direction. I just need to slow down and heal myself.

How am I healing myself? I am doing the work on my younger self. I asked for help and excepted help, which is so big for me. I want to see Dr. Theresa my wonderful transformational Chiropractor because the mind and body need to be connected. I got a massage for Savanah at At Anchor Day Spa, she is amazing highly recommend her.” I am giving myself reiki and receiving reiki. I talked about what I am going through with friends and family. I am not on this journey alone. I am slowing down and resting. Really listening to my body and what it is telling me. I am also keeping my vibration high. Positive thoughts, mindfulness, and bring in a lot of love.

I realized I am ready to teach this workshop. I am on the right path. My journey has giving me the tools and I need and everything I need is within me. I want to connect people with their spiritual gifts. I realize now how amazing these gifts are in me. Our gifts help us to shine bright. The more we shine bright as individuals the more the world shine bright. I had to push my gifts aside to realize how beautiful and special they are and how important they are to me.

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