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Divine Love


What does love mean to you?

We all of different meanings and feelings around love: some are happy, sad, anger, and joyful.

I call this our human experience of love, the kind of love with expectations, judgments, conditions, joy, happiness, and bliss. This is what we have been taught love is or can be. Rarely are we taught what pure divine love is? Pure divine love is something we have experienced before. It is the love our soul knows. Pure divine love has to be remembered, not taught.

Place your hands over your heart and breath into your heart center. With each breath in and out, connect deeper into your heart and soul. Bring in the first feeling of love. It can be an experience, a pet, a person, or a thing that invoked that feeling of pure love, that feeling of true bliss. Allow that feeling to enter into your heart center and with each breath in, allow it to radiate out through your whole entire being. And with each breath out, allow yourself to release all that is not love. Continue to do this as long as you like. Complete the practice with your hands in prayer at your heart.

You are love and made in love.

Sending All My Love To All Of You, Valeri

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