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Does Your Heart Break?

We hear it all the time in songs, in movies, and from each other. Over and over about the pain of love. How we break! How we suffer from losing love.

Where do broken hearts go?

Love Hurts

Love Is a Losing Game

Just a few of many songs that tell us that our heartbreaks, love hurts, and that love will make you unhappy.

At times that may feel true. Especially when we lose someone in our lives through separation, death, or break up.

I believe it is the absence of love that hurts and not love. I believe that our hearts don't break but crack to allow more love and light into us. I believe love heals.

It is when we choose not to love in that it hurts. It is when we choose to stay in the hurt, sadness, and pain that we suffer.

Letting love in brings us more joy, happiness, and peace. And yes, there are times when love may disappear or change and you may feel sad, hurt, or angry but, you don't have to stay in that forever.

Listen to this week's episode of the Intuitive Heart Healer podcast, Does Your Heart Break? to hear more on this topic and some tools to reconnect to your heart.

Spreading Love,


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