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Healing Happens All The Time

I talk about healing being a journey, which it is, and that it is ongoing. That is because healing happens every minute of every day. You just don't always realize it or accept it for what it is. It is kind of how miracles are looked at. If it is not "big" or "life-changing", they are often ignored. For example, if a friend offered you money because you were a little short on rent you might turn it away because you're waiting on the miracle when the offer from your friend is the miracle. You may look at it as asking for help or taking advantage of someone instead of the miracle it is. In your mind, it could only be a miracle if you won the lottery. Which would be a "big miracle." When really all miracles are big and life changing. Healing is the same way. When you hit your elbow and you rub it giving it some love and it stops hurting you were giving yourself healing. When you are working on forgiving someone or yourself you are healing. When you say no to something you would normally say yes to you are healing. When you eat something, drink water, or get sleep you are healing. Those things aren't always noticed. It is when you have a big shift that you notice the healing happening. However, every step on your healing journey is healing. Yes, even the breakdowns, like I talked about in my most recent podcast. Sometimes on your journey, you need a little assistance, and you will seek out a doctor, a natural path, acupuncture, an energy healer, a coach, a therapist, or other healing modalities. Someone to hold the space for you so that you can heal. There are many great healers out there and we show up in many different ways, more than we all realize. Healing happens all the time and it happens when you are ready. You heal where you are at in the moment and as you evolve you heal some more. If you would like assistance and would like to work with me. I offer one-off healing services or packages for you to choose from. Just remember to give yourself grace, you are a powerful healer, and asking for help is a sign of strength. Embrace your journey wherever it takes you. Even if it is into the darkness because the light is on the other side. I am proud of you. Keep moving forward. Spreading Love, Valeri P.S the mug is called healing and it is available at

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