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I am angry, is anybody else?

Updated: Mar 17

You may be wondering how somebody who spreads love and talks about love can be angry. Well, anger is a vibration of love and a lot of times anger comes from love. Plus, I am human here having a human experience. One of our human experiences is about experiencing emotions and anger is an emotion meant to be experienced. It's how we use this anger that makes a huge difference and an impact on the universe. You may want to ask yourselves a few questions to figure out your anger.

  • Where is my anger coming from?

  • When do I notice the anger beginning to surface?

  • What is causing the anger?

  • What can I do to help me release the anger I am feeling?

  • How can I channel my anger for something positive?

In order to answer these questions, you will have to sit with the anger. Feel the anger. Maybe write about anger. Reflect on the anger. Look into ways to help you release the anger. Releasing the anger can come in many forms. There is not a one size fits all solution. Everyone's experience and reason for their anger is different. You may want to do forgiveness work to help you release anger. You may need to take up something physical to help channel the anger out. Join an organization to make change or support a group that has similar experiences. Among other ways. Holding on to anger for too long does not serve you but turning your anger into something positive will serve you and your community. Your feelings and your anger are valid. How you choose to experience them is up to you. Remember when you work on yourself and help yourself you begin to help and shift the energy of the universe. I am still figuring out my direction when it comes to the anger, I have been feeling but I have taken the first steps and that is enough for now. I know more steps will be taken to help me to understand and release the anger I have been feeling and that will take time, compassion, and understanding. Are you ready to take your first few steps? Spreading Love, Valeri I will be releasing an Intuitive Heart Healer podcast going into why I am anger and ways that have helped me to understand my anger, tools I am using to help me with feeling angry, and different ways anger is experienced base on my experiences. Look for the podcast next week.

I can hold the space to help you begin to heal. Click here to work with me.

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