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June's Energy Guidance

There are a lot of energies moving in the month of June. All of it is working for you to connect to and radiate a higher love.

The Dusky Pink Dragon From Andromeda sets the tone for the month. The dragon is here to help you prepare and connect to the divine love.

The Devil card helps you to see the illusions that are around you and the ones you create. You are being asked to disconnect from the right and wrong, good and bad, and left and right so that you can reconnect to your heart's center.

The 3 of wands is telling you to take action in all areas of your life. Along with connecting to your body, mind, and spirit from your heart.

The Aeon is asking you to embody all parts of you. Those parts of your soul, body, nature, humanity, and the collective.

The 4 of swords reminds you to take time to pause and rest. Not all the work will be done, but you can't move forward without recharging.

The card that sums up and guidance and the one for you to work with is the Cosmic Egg. All you are working towards is expanding your love. You love of self, love of others, and a greater connection to the divine love.

Work with this energy of June to tap into a great love. A love you never felt before. It will be challenging at times but it will be worth it in the end. Break the barriers and allow love through you.

Spreading Love,

Valeri McLaughlin

Click the video to here the full reading.

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