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❤️Love doesn’t hurt. It is the absence of Love that hurts.❤️

There are many vibrations of Love. Everything is Love and Love is Everything. The lower vibrations of Love is when we begin to forget the pure divine love. Love that has no expectations or attachments. Some Higher Vibrations of Love are: ❤️Pure Love ❤️Gratitude ❤️Happiness ❤️Joy ❤️Celebration ❤️Peace

Some Lower Vibrations of Love are: 💚Hate 💚Judgment 💚Bullying 💚Fear 💚Sadness 💚Guilt Through life, things come up, and we have human experiences that cause us to move into lower vibrations. However, it is your choice on how long you wish to stay in the vibration. It is your choice: 💛To shift out of it 💛To evolve 💛To grow 💛To forgive 💛To let go 💛To Love 💛To empower 💛To shine Which vibrations do you choose to be in? Spreading Love, ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Valeri

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