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Love is our Superpower

Do your part to spread love and keep teaching sending love back spreads more love not hate or anger. People can change. Use the masculine power to help motivate change and turn it into love.

The collective consciousness is growing stronger, but we have to remember love is the superpower. Love is what will allow us to ascend. Love, joy, happiness, peace, celebration, beauty, and more are all energies of love. These are the energies we want to vibrate at every day.

People have to be in allowance and receiving to all the pure love to come through. It is being shined down now, but many are not open to receive it. Open your hearts to let in God (universe, higher power, essences) shine the pure Christ Light (love) into your hearts and work through you to spread peace, love, happiness, and joy.

Opening your hearts to love will change the world.


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