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Loving Myself Is The Greatest Gift

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I had always thought that I had loved myself and then I truly fell in love with myself. About six years ago I was unhappy actually pretty miserable, and didn’t realize it, and I was about 60 pounds heavier. I was going through a lot of things at the time. I had serious knee pain. I was working a lot and traveling for work. I wasn’t truly happy in my marriage.

What I did do was begin to make changes in areas that I recognized and that started to change my life. I did whatever movement I could. It was suggested I cut out dairy because it causes inflammation so I decide to give it a try. My body decide to cut out gluten too. I began to sleep better, I lost some weight, I wasn’t getting stomach pain and my skin improved. I tried to add gluten and dairy back into my diet and I felt like crap. It was at that moment when I made a choice to feel good and not eat gluten or dairy. It was a big step in loving myself and my body.

After my marriage ended I started to work on getting to know me. I was receiving reiki to help heal me physically and emotionally. I started to bring love back to me. Love for life. I was having joy, happiness, and fun. I began to experience life again instead of just being in a life. I noticed as I went through this journey my diet started to shift and change. Then I would grow and my diet would shift and change. I realized the more I love myself, lifted my spirit and appreciated life the more I choose to make eating choices that were aligned with that and healthier for me.

Loving myself allows me to honor myself where I am at the moment. So I may find myself binge eating because I am emotional or upset and I am ok with that because it is showing me something. I will stop at the Dairy Barn for a non-dairy frozen dessert to feel like the little kid at grandma’s house which brings me joy. I do it without judgement and just allow myself to be in the moment.

Loving myself has been the greatest gift I have given myself. I am grounded to Mother Earth, connected to Spirit and living through my heart center. Helping you connect your heart and spirit so you can live in your heart space with love is what I love to do. I do this through my Intuitive Heart Healing and Coaching practice helping you heal your mind, body and spirit. All done with love.

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