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A Year of Growth. I am So Grateful for the Love and Support!

Dancing Dinos

Wow! What a year! Yesterday I did a Facebook live about what is EnergyArt and it really had me

thinking about my year. The picture above was originally named Spirals but later I changed it to

Dancing Dinos. Spirals are all about transformation, change and growth. When you are going through

this process or growth, it isn’t always easy. You have to face some of your darkest moments, which

seem difficult. Some people might look at those dark moments and think they are ugly and they don’t

want to face them.

This year I have faced both the darkness and the light and have come out on the other side better for it,

in so many ways. I believe that is one of the reasons I changed the name to Dancing Dinos, change is

a good thing. It has made me so happy, just like dancing does. Plus they look like dinosaurs dancing

to me.

This year I have gone through a lot of growth and change. I quit my job to live my passion. Someone I

loved deeply decide she wanted something different. I had to face my fears, doubts, and the belief that

I was not enough to be able to heal myself and my past. Going through all this has moved me closer

to living the truest version of myself. I not only have myself to thank for this but I have many people

along the way that have helped me and I am truly grateful for them. Grateful for their help and their

friendships. Here is a little shout out to these amazing people with powerful messages.

The first amazing person in my life who has helped me step into my true self and has been my biggest

cheerleader is my sister, Brenda Kiss. She is a powerful Reiki master and an amazing NAP/NLP coach.

Our spiritual journey started when we were kids but over the last few years she has really helped me

open up to all of my true gifts.

This year I left my job as a restaurant general manager that I had for over 12 years, to live my passion.

My sister was not only there to offer me love, support, and healing but also an opportunity. She invited

me to be part of her business B Kiss. She proudly displayed my EnergyArt and crystal jewelry.

As one of the B Kiss practitioners I supported her with classes and group reiki healings. As I became

more confident in myself, I began to lead group reiki healings as well! With my sister by my side I was

able to gain my confidence in my psychic, mediumship and healing abilities. This year we met some

challenges along the way but we grew together and as individuals. We both have unique and powerful

messages to share with this great world. Check out Brenda at I am lucky to call her my

sister and mentor.

About this time last year I was introduced to Jose Baidal who has become a great mentor and friend.

He has introduced me to another layer of myself and into a world a spirituality I never knew. He is an

amazing powerful person with a great heart. Thanks to a reading from him I took off in February to

explore Puerto Rico and than Arizona in March. He reminds me all the time how powerful I am and that

I meant to do many great things. If you are looking for a realtor in New Jersey checking him out. He is

about to move up to North Jersey were him and his team are going to explode. Jose is a great person

and I am honored to call him a friend.

Back in April at B Kiss’ open house I met a badass manifester named Ashley Gordon. She wanted a reading

from me. She was my first paying client for a psychic reading! I was reading people all the time and I

learned this year how valuable my gifts are and that spirituality and financial abundance can co-exist in

harmony. Over the summer Ashley and Brenda collaborated together for Flow. A powerful Yoga,

Reiki and coaching event on the beach! Make sure to check it out next year if you are at the Jersey

shore. I was lucky enough to be part of it and to get to know Ashley. She has become a great friend

and mentor. She comes from a place of love and really connects with people. She has managed to

get me further out of my shell and back into Yoga! Ashley has helped me to build my confidence and

has supported me along the way. Ashley is a powerful Yoga instructor, Spiritual Life Coach and so

much more. She launched an amazing shop called Badass Manifester Shop that is all about

inspirational clothing and products. She is empowering and inspiring people with her products. I am

grateful to be able to call her a friend and mentor.

I was also inspired by Christina and her son Leo. Those two are free spirits. Christina is an amazing

psychic, connects with crystals, and makes amazing all natural skin products. I got to reconnect with

her and Leo at a drum circle over the summer. She kept drawing me back to them every month.

Each time teaching me to let it go and enjoy the moment and space that you are in. They show me

unconditional love. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Not only do I have great friends, an amazing sister, a

wonderful brother, three of the most loving amazing talented nephews ever, but I was bless with the

best parents I could ever ask for. My parents have stood by me from the moment I was born. They

have believed in me my whole life and have shown me true unconditional love. Without them I would

not be here today and I would not be able to share myself with the world. Thank you mom and dad for

loving me, guiding me, and letting me be me.

As 2017 comes to and end I look back at an amazing year. A year of amazing growth. I fell down a

few times this year. Sometimes it took a little longer to get up. Along the way I had help from some

amazing people. I stepped into my power this year. I’ve chosen to see myself for who I am and to be

seen. I have a light to shine bright on this world.

In 2018 I will continue to work towards living in my truest self. I will shine my light on the world and

spread my message of love. I will fall in love again with an amazing woman who loves herself and is

living her truest self. I will travel the world spreading joy and happiness. I will be abundant. I will give

back. I will have an amazing year. I will continually be grateful for all I have and all that I will continue

to have.

My name is Valeri McLaughlin. I am an intuitivehearthealer, EnergyArtist, Reiki Master, and Psychic

Medium. Follow me on on Facebook or Instagram as I continue on my journey. Check out my

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