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Soul's Heart Opening

This transmission brings forth an opening up an integration transformation. It is time to enter deeper into your heart space. We've said it many, many times but now it's time to really integrate all the teachings and all the wisdoms that you have been learning.

Move into that heart space, your power within your heart. Your heart is your soul. Your heart is your connection to the divine and to spirit. Your heart is your connection to Mother Earth. With every step, with every vibration you share your energy. Clear away the energy does not serve. Clear away the darkness within by showing it the light. The only way you can do that is by facing the darkness. In facing your shadows, you are shining more light and in doing so you open your heart. In opening your heart more you strengthen that connection to your divine, you create that life that you want, and you connect to the source, you connect to the Cosmo, and you connect to Mother Earth through your heart.

Your heart is where your power is. Your heart is where divine love is. Your heart is where the light shines the brightest.

When you're entered into that deep soul of your heart that is where you shine your brightest. Not in that human heart, the one filled with fear, doubt, grief, sadness, heartache, fake love “it's not really fake but that's what we're gonna call it” it's the love people projected on what they believed loved to be but it's not the truth of what divine unconditional love actually is. And when you enter into your soul heart that is where you will find the divine unconditional love and shine your brightest through there.

You know no boundaries. You know your dreams. You can share your love, light, and spirit and walk the purpose. You don't need to know your purpose to walk your purpose. To walk your purpose you just need to be you in your soul heart, in that unconditional love.

This transmission receives it, allowing it to soak in, listening to all the great spirits coming through with your own divine frequency connecting to each and every one of you. Through your own divine frequency we talked to share the vibration that connects to all of you. As you open your divine vision will come clear. You integrate that oneness within you, the oneness of your human and divine, the masculine and the feminine, and your shadow and your light oneness is within the soul’s heart of you.

Listen as long as you like, listen as frequently as you like as you allow yourself to open up and enter into your soul's heart. To feel that unconditional love and to shine brightly in this world and remember with each step you take you're leaving your energy. The divine loving healing energy when you open up your soul's heart will help to spread through the world, through all her channels, all her tunnels, and all her healing. You'll work side-by-side with Mother Earth and Father Sky, that great divine coming through guiding you along the way showing you all the beauty that you can create when you enter into that soul's heart. You could do anything. You can be anything but the most important thing to do is to be true to you. Be true to yourself, be true to your unconditional love, your values, your passions, you alone can only allow others to project their feelings onto you. If you're strong within your heart in your soul's heart, no one can influence you cause you already know what is true. Open your soul's heart. Become one within yourself and shine brightly as you let in the light and so be it.

Spreading Love,


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