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🎤🎤Speaking the Language of Love with Light Language. / Ep 7

In this podcast, I channel a message about Light Language, and why I am called to call it Lovelight Language along with a Lovelight Language healing for you all to receive.

Light Language is our soul's language. It is what we remember. It is the language of love ❤️. The messages are channeled from light beings and shamans, and your whole being understands the messages that you are receiving. It helps to reconnect us with information that we may have forgotten.

The light beings bring us the information, wisdom, and knowledge from the cosmo 🌌. The shamans bring us the wisdom, nurture, and love from Mother Earth🌎 because they have walked the ground here and absorbed her energy.

Listen to the podcast for more insight and healing with Lovelight Language. Available on Spotify, iTunes, or on Spreading Love, Valeri McLaughlin

Book your Lovelight Language healing at #lightlanguage

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