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Standing In The Middle

I am standing on a pier on the beach looking out onto the ocean to my right. I am in awe of the beauty and memorized by the light shining through the clouds. I felt so at peace and filled with joy and happiness as I stared off into the light.

Then a question popped into my head: why am I looking this way and not to my left. At that moment I turned to my left and the energy was so different. It seemed so dark and gray. At that moment I felt a sense of sadness and grief. I allowed myself to sit in those feelings for a few moments. Connecting to how I feel. I turned back to my right and bam right back to joy, happiness, and peace.

It's amazing how quick we can shift our emotions. It simply just took a second to look into another direction.

I decided to take pictures of both sides to share with you my experience. As I sat down to right this post I pulled up the pictures and WOW did they flip the script. The side I thought was so bright in person showed up the opposite to me in the picture. The side I thought was gloomy in person showed up bright to me in the picture.

So what is the truth. Both are. When you see things from a different perspective a new truth or illusion can be revealed. It is up to you to discern what is your truth. It also showed me that there is always dark in the light and always light in dark.

What is your truth?

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