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Time Is a Human Construct

Time is a human construct. It is another way for humans to instill fear and judgment onto each other. Time creates limitations and expectations.

What if you didn't judge yourself based on time? What would it look like if time was not there? Do you know what divine timing means?

These are great questions to reflect on and journal about. In the latest Intuitive Heart Healing podcast, Time is a Human Construct I talk about ways in which time creates fear, judgement, and competition within you.

If you let go for time and go within yourself instead of outside yourself you will allow yourself to be an amazing co-creator. You would be in the moment and be who you are in that moment. Time is an illusion to help keep you from expressing yourself fully.

Enjoy this episode. As always listen with an open heart.

Spreading Love, Valeri McLaughlin Intuitive Heart Healer Listen at Shop EnergyArt journals Shop Limited Release Love Collection available only till 2/28/23

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