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Trusting Is Believing

The conversation of fear has been coming up a lot lately within myself and with others.

I want to redirect the conversation to trust because to me that is the opposite of fear. It is it polarity. In order to come back to oneness and pure love we have to counterbalance that duality.

Think of the sign of Libra the scales, it wants to be in balance and if they are out of balance, it is best to do the opposite to bring them back to balance.

If you have fear it is bringing you out of balance so in order to bring yourself back into balance you can bring in trust.

Trust is the state of being that you believe something is going to be okay or is true even when you don't know the outcome. It is like believing in something that is not there that you know is there, such as a higher power.

What is something you can believe in to help you build your trust and release your fear?

Like I spoke about on my most recent podcast I believe in my divine path and because I believe it is what I meant to do I am trusting with my whole being that I would be supportive and have everything I need.

Today I am believing that I am going to have a great day and that I will meet any challenges with easy.

What is your belief for today?

Spreading Love,

Valeri McLaughlin Intuitive Heart Healer


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