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Unite As One

You have the embodiment of the queen and the empire within you. The queen ignites the feminine power of grace, intuition, and creativity. She stands in the power of who she is unapologetically with grace. She allows herself to feel and express herself freely knowing the truths. The empire ignites the masculine power of desire, respect, and action. He stands in his power of knowing what he wants and going out and getting it done. He knows when to exert his power without overpowering himself or others in order to go after his desires. When the queen and empire work together as one within you can accomplish all, you wish to create. Flowing your intuition and knowing when to take action. Giving yourself and others grace in order to find balance working together and helping each other to grow. Embrace both energies within you as one sometimes letting one come forward in order to help you achieve, heal, or grow in that moment. You are a powerful being especially when you embrace all parts of you. Spreading Love, Valeri

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