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Why Join A Spiritual Circle?

Early on in my journey, I was mentored by a friend of mine Jose and we would gather together just us or sometimes with other people to hold meditations.

It is through this journey that I learned the power of getting to gather as a group to meditate and allow spirit to come through.

During these meditations, we would connect to spirit in whatever form spirit wished to show us in our highest good or connect with a specific intention depending on our ceremony.

I got to see how we all connected differently but how we can come together as one. Each of us adding to each other's journey.

I remember one time I was having this feeling like I was flying. I felt like I was a bird in the sky, high in the clouds. My whole body was physically moving as I glided in the sky. Jose says I see a bird high in the sky. I didn’t see the bird. I was the bird. Together we experience this journey in two very different ways and after talking about it we put the pieces together.

We all experience the connection to spirit differently and coming together we can help each other connect great to spirit. Help each other understand the journey or see the journey more clearer.

Join me this Thursday as I host a Spiritual Circle online in zoom at 8pm est. Click the link to register. Monthly memberships are also available for those who want to commit to connecting great to spirit.

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