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You Are Valid

I was teaching a class last night and I was guided to remind myself not everyone started out where you are and not everyone is where you are.

Sometimes I need that reminder so that I can connect more with people but also to help validate people where they are at at this moment.

It took me a long time to get where I am at on my journey and trusting the guidance that comes through. It didn't happen overnight.

I had to trust and verify. Building up my understanding of way Spirit communicates to me. Learning as I grow and communication has involved.

It took time, patience, practice, and trust to get me here. And I am still learning every day.

If your just starting out strengthening you connection or you need to hear it. You are doing great. Your navigating journey better and better each day. Even when you are feeling stuck or stagnat your are learning and growing. I Believe in You ❤️

Enjoy your journey even when it seems tough.

Spreading Love,



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