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You Can Fly High

Are you willing to go into the darkness?

Are you willing to face your fears, anger, grief, and rage?

People have said to me that you like going into the dark and working with Goddess like Kali. That is true. It wasn't always the case, but I have seen the beauty of entering into the dark. The light on the other side is so bright and inviting. The joy, happiness, and love that comes from working through the fear and grief increases and changes because you're able to let more in.

As I sit on the plane getting ready for take off, I reflect on my younger self. They one who were afraid to fly, and in that fear, it caused sickness. A quick 2 hour flight would cause me to feel sick for a few days. The 1st day was always the worst. I knew I had to work through that fear because traveling was something I always wanted to do, and flying would allow me to see more of the World. I remember that girl who grabbed onto the seat in front of me with every bump and trun. That girl faced her fears of flying, and no, I don't enjoy the bumps. I just have a better relationship with them. It reminds me of driving down a dirt road filled with potholes.

When you face your darkness, you open up your World. Doesn't happen overnight? Not always. It takes time. It took me years of flying and working on myself to get me over the fear of flying. Now I will take a day flight to San Diego without thinking twice.

The darkness holds you back the light, always you to be free. Healing those parts of you takes time and hard work, but it is so worth it. You are worth it. The World needs your light and so do you.

Shine bright, my friend. You are worth of love, joy, and happiness.

Spreading Love,


PS. I posted this yesterday on Facebook, and I wanted to share one for the comments by Jaime because I like the reflection. "Love this! And love that it's a FLYING reference which feels tied to freedom and finding your path so beautifully!"

How high are you ready to fly when you allow and embrace the healing?

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