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Ground In the Energies Meditation

This mediation infuses energyart, written light language, sound, and light language transmission to help you be rooted in your own energy.

Start by gazing at the energyart as you allow the sound to relax you into the meditation. Each piece of art will unlock another avenue for you to be rooted in your own energy so that you can connect greater to source. Opening you up to love and creativity. Giving you a strong foundation for you to create from.

The light language brings in a higher vibrational healing that is felt in your cells, ligaments, energy, and all aspects of your being. Bring in healing, downloads, and remembrances of who you are.

It is necessary for you to understand your whole being. To be rooted in your own energy so that you are not being influenced by other energies around you. By knowing and understanding your energy you can know when outside energies are affecting you. Then you can make the choice to own your own energy or allow those energies in.

This meditation will bring your healing and help you to understand and connect to your roots. Anchoring you more and more into your energies. Come back and listen as much as you like. Each time another layer will be released, and more information will be downloaded.

Remember you are a beautiful being of light that is divine and human. You are the creator of your own desires. No one else creates for you unless you allow it, but you always have a say.

Spreading Love,



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