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Two Things Can Be The Same

I love this new piece. I call it Two Things Can Be The Same. I have been creating these pieces of EnergyArt the same way. I started out drawing one piece, this one happened to be a 20” X 20”. Then I created another 40” x 40” piece by rotating and aligning all the EnergyArt to look like a cohesive piece. Well at least in my eyes. Finally, I move the images around and line them up to create a total of 4 different images. Each image has a different energy and message.

When creating this one in honor of transgender humans I paused on this image. I took time to reflect on the message and energy coming from this image like I recommend you do. The words just started flowing “Two Can Become One” and “Two Things Can Be The Same.” Honestly, I didn’t feel comfortable with the word thing because people can use and manipulate it like it is something lesser than or negative. But in reality, a chair is a thing, a play is a thing, masculine energy is a thing, and I can go on because anything can be a thing. Just like I can look at something and call it a table while someone else can look at it and call it a seat or someone else can call it a stool or ottoman. It can be one thing or the same thing.

I can be one thing like just me. I can also be perceived to be female, male, or nonbinary. I can be creative, divine, human, right-handed, lesbian, healer, or many other things. I can be none of those things.

Today I spent some time meditating with this piece and I began to see something I didn’t see yesterday. It looked like the two pieces were hugging each other and I said it is perfectly aligned. What is perfect? Perfection is subjective. What I perceive to be perfect you may perceive to be imperfect but isn’t everything perfectly imperfect. I believe we were all created to be perfect in our own way. We were all given the freedom to express ourselves how we feel to be true to ourselves. This piece opened up my perspective even more. It has opened up my creativity and exploration even more. When we allow ourselves to be free, we allow ourselves to evolve and see things that we may not have seen before. The uniqueness in this World is beautiful. Loving and accepting everyone so we all can all be free.

No matter how we all align we are all part of one. One collective consciousness. One World. One expansive universe. One being. How we show up and exist as one is different and unique. Our uniqueness makes us special, but it doesn’t infringe upon someone else's uniqueness.

I invite you to reflect on this piece and these words. Notice how you feel without judgment or trying to understand it. Be aware of what feelings are coming up and then reflect on those feelings. Reread it with an open heart and discern what is true for you. If you don’t know, go out and get more information and experience different things to help you discern your truth.

Remember love, respect, grace, kindness, and understanding goes a long way. Love is how we will raise the vibration of the planet and integrate our shadows as part of us. Showing the shadows love and understanding they are a part of us. Love will set us free. Love will change the world.

Spreading Love,


PS if we were all Vanilla it would be a very boring World in my opinion.


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