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Ways To Help You Heal

Feel the healing energy come to you to help you heal

What a healing session looks like:

  • I hold the healing space with love.

  • I channel a high vibrational healing energy through me out to you.

  • You receive guidance and insight to help you continue to shift your energy.

  • You receive tools to help you continue to open your heart and release the energy.

  • We work together because you are an active participant in your healing.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to healing. Each session is different and geared to what is for your highest good at that moment. Each session will look different for everyone. The points I mentioned above are true for everyone. I hold the space for healing but also to teach you. To help you become the amazing powerful healer that you are. Different ways to help you heal is by going into another timeline to understand something about you in this timeline, to release the energy for that timeline that is no longer needed, or to remind you of who you are. It could be channeled messages from your spirit team or loved ones. Or it might be a channeled energy healing session to release and move energy within you. Some sessions are conversations to help you understand your own energy and learn how to own your own energy. Spreading Love, Valeri


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