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Art is a Part of Me.

How Art evolved as I healed

For years I have discredited part of who I was. I always loved art and creating art up until I left college. For about 20 years I stopped drawing and painting. Thoughts were in my head about what it should be, that it was not good enough, or you can never make a living as an artist, “starving artist.” I didn’t realize that these things were holding me back until I began to draw again.

When I started to embrace my spiritual gifts I also started to draw again. It was a way to help me to release the energy within me and to understand messages being downloaded (and it still is). I didn’t have any intention of sharing it with anyone let alone selling it. I sure wasn’t comfortable with sharing it and didn’t know the value of what I was creating.

Little by little it started to evolve. I started to change because I took time to heal and to reprogram the voices in my head. Each year my confidence grows. The EnergyArt I create evolves as I do and as I connect more spiritually.

I know in my heart it is a big part of me. It is a big part of my spiritual and healing practice. I know it is meant to be seen and that not everyone will understand or appreciate it. I am totally ok with that. Only because I have taken the time to heal and to continue to create.

I have fun creating EnergyArt. I have added light language to some of my creations. It has become a playful curiosity in what I create. The pieces have taken on a life of their own. I create mediation with them. I translate messages I receive from them.

I encourage you to spend time with me journaling, mediationing, or just leaving them up so they can help align you with the energy within them.

EnergyArt and my work I do healing and teaching will always be as one as they are all parts of me. I now give them the credit they deserve and give myself the recognition I deserve.

  • Do you know if there is a part of you that you are discrediting?

  • Are there parts of you that you can give me love and attention to so it can grow?

  • Do you know how unique and special you are?

  • Are you ready to grow?

I see you. I believe in you. I know you can heal and evolve and be a bright light in this universe.

Spreading Love,


You can purchase EnergyArt at or you can email me at if you have a request.

I do create custom EnergyArt for individuals that include a message with each piece. Email me if you are interested.

Follow me on IG @behdesign.energyart


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