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EnergyArt is part of my healing process. It helps me to understand the emotions that I am feeling that I am not able to express into words. Messages come through each piece of artwork and most of the time tells a story.

Energyart can be used in many ways to help you heal and grow. For me it is a direct connection to spirit. All my art is channeled through me. From the choice of color to the design, the energy it is infused with, and the messages that come through. It is another to tool like crystals or oracle cards. Which are all ways to open up a channel for you to connect to spirit. This group is called Decide and it started with the piece below. There may be a lot of confusion on your decision. It may seem compressed or restrictive, but you are only looking at from one point of view or perspective. Pan out so you can see other advantages. Starting top left and moving clockwise let's talk about each piece of EnergyArt and what it brings to the table. Harsh Words - What are you telling yourself or what are you hearing from others. Is the decision to hard? Are you afraid to fail? When you hear others are you only listening to your inner words that are being harsh and cruel and what they are actually saying? It is time to clear your mind. Reflect on where these words are coming from. Is it something within you ready to heal. To get to the answers, start to send time with you. Do something the brings you joy. To help get you out of your head and into your heart. Spend some time in Mother Nature and allow her to support you. Be creative and express your emotions in whatever way that helps you to release them in a productive way. Listen to where the words are coming from and not what the words are. An Agreement - You have come to an understanding for what is causing the confusion by coming to an agreement with yourself to do the work needed to clean up the clutter. You are now aware of what is causing you angst. Now that you are aware you can make the changes to move forward. This will open up your heart and make decisions easier with less conflict. It Came To A Head - You fought the changes because you that it would be easier than rocking the boat. In the end it caused more conflict, and you not only hurt yourself but other because you were not true to yourself. Instead of getting caught in the hurt and victimhood you take a step back so you can see what is really going own. This is all about you and what it is that you are to face. What pattern are you ready to change? What story are you ready to heal? What doubts and fears are you ready to let go of? This is not a point of defeat. It is a point for you to evolve and grow to stand in your power and own it. Not just for you but for all of those people around you. A Decision Can Be Made - With a clearer mind and open heart you are now ready to make that decision because you have opened yourself up to spirits help. You know with your whole being what the choice is for you at this moment. You know that you can move forward in the direction you made because you are ready, and you are supported. The time has come for you to jump in and go. Take the step and make that decision from you heart. You are ready. Spirit believes in you.

These are the words that have come to me as I reflect and mediate with each piece. This is the story that is unfolding for me now. When I return to these pieces later the story may have changed because the energy I am would have changed. If I haven't changed the story maybe very similar because I need to hear again to help me to grow. This is true in all aspects of our lives. When we change will allow the story to change with us. If you find yourself in the same experience over and over again it is because you are still getting something out of for your own growth and development. It is not a test it is an opportunity for growth. You are not going backwards it is a way to help you move forward.

There are many tools and healers here to help and support you on your journey. It is up to you to be willing to go.

Spreading Love,


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